1. New English Otome Game from Voltage Inc ~ 10 Days with My Devil (updated also with Kakeru)

2. New Characters in My Forged Wedding ~ Kyoichi Kunishiro (Updated) and Haruka Utsunomiya

3. New Characters in In Your Arms Tonight ~ Soji Higashiyama

4. New Characters in Office Secrets ~ Koji Nagumo and Shingo Kai

5. New Spin-Offs in Love Letters from Thief X ~ Takuto vs the Hypnotist, Tatsuro vs the Retriever, Thief Training, and What If… Takuto

6. New Spin-Offs in Pirates in Love ~ Boys of the Ball and Pirates, and Bodyguards

7. New Spin-Offs in My Sweet Bodyguards ~ Subura & Mizuki (Rome), and Blind Date

8. New Spin-Offs in Seduced in the Sleepless City ~ Ryoichi vs Takuto, and Festival Night with Satsuki-Wasshoi

9. New Update in Ninja Love ~ Hanzo

10. New Otome by NTT Solmare ~ Destiny Ninja (free version) ~ (no update unless the paid version released)

11. Updated: Takamasa Saeki (My Forged Wedding), Takao Maruyama (My Forged Wedding), Yamato Kougami (My Forged Wedding)

12. New Japanese Otome by Voltage Inc ~ Escape: Choice of Love

MC was an employee in bank and was accused as thief. She was being locked up for the case as it seemed that no one believed her.  At this time, someone came to unlock her and it would be…

Male characters: her supervisor (the guy holding her hand in the picture), a loyal customer (brown hair in the relationship chart), and a policeman (the other guy with dark blue hair in the relationship chart)

Jap-Escape-Love Choice



There are lots of updates in the past month.  I hope I didn’t miss any.

1. Released Spin-offs: Letter to Thief X, Seduced in the Sleepless City, Pirates In Love, My Forged Weding, Be My Prince, and My Sweet Bodyguard

2. Update CGs in Office Secrets

3. New Side Stories and Hanzo’s Main Story released in Ninja Love (paid version)

4.  Love Academy (Loyonplete Inc) – 2 free chapters each day~need to pay for CGs (except if you do screenshot while in the game)

5.  New Japanese Otome by Voltage Inc

  The story is mainly about MC moving back to her hometown after 10 years.  She meets a few of her childhood friends in town.  At the end of the prologue, it seems she gets to choose where (with whom) she would work with as her part-time job.

ChildhoodLoveJAP ChildhoodLoveJAP-2 ChildhoodLoveJAP-3 CLjap-C1 CLjap-C2 CLjap-C3 CLjap-C4



Since I haven’t updated for over 2 months, some of the updates mentioned below might not be “new” anymore.  Anyways, those are the updates within these two months (I haven’t included epilogues or sequels in the following update list.)

1. Pirates in Love~Leonardo Main Story, Spin-off: This Kiss, Underwater Palace & Club SIRIUS

2. My Sweet Bodyguard~Main Story: Subaru Ichiyanagi, Kaiji Akizuki, Sora Hirosue, Mizuki Fujisaki & Daichi Katsuragi

3. Seduced in the Sleepless City~Spin-off: The Mirai Special, Urban Casino & Resort: Kobe, Chihaya’s Recipes & Apringtime Walk in Shitamachi

4. Love Letter from Thief X~Tatsuro Togoshi Main Story, Spin-Off: The Stolen Bouquet, Roman Holiday & Scavenger Hunt in Ginza

5. Be My Princess~Zain Main Story, Spin-off: Secret Spring Date & Another Prince’s Wedding

6. A Knight’s Devotion: Main Story: Lute, Ken & Haku

7. Ninja Love & Prince Love: Some new Side Stories

8. Two new Japanese Otome:

“Love with Devil in 10 Days” (悪魔と恋する10日間)


MC meets all of 4 handsome guys in a day.  Because of them, she gets home later than usual.  When she is in her neighbourhood, she finds out her apartment is in explosion.  It turns out that the 4 handsome guys are devils who delay her death from Angel.  As such, MC has to choose one of the 4 devils as to have an agreement that she would be protected from the angel in the coming 10 days.  At the end of 10 days, her soul would be belonged to the devil she has contracted with.  (Not too sure the story, as it is in Japanese and it’s been over a month since I played the prologue.)


LD10D-Kamui Kakeru

LD10D-Kamagari Satoru

LD10D-Amno Haruhito

LD10D-Kurobane Shiki



“Love in Office” (社内恋愛 2人のヒミツ)


MC is promoted into a new department at work.  All of the colleagues in this new department are elites.  She gets to work closely with one of them.


Hajime Tora No Suke
OL-Hajime Tora No Suke

Shirasagi Ryouma
OL-Shirasagi Ryouma

Nagumo Kouzu
OL-Nagumo Kouzu

Kurumi Shouta
OL-Kurumi Shouta

Sakurazawa Shusoya
OL-Sakurazawa Shusoya



1.  Love Letter from Thief X~Atsumu Kashiwabara~Voltage Inc

Just catched up every characters in the last weekend and now a new character update shown up………. when I can catch up on all the updates in the past few months~~~~~~


2. In Your Arms Tonight~Epilogues of Kippei and Kiyoto~Voltage Inc

I wish this update can be released 2 days earlier as I have just updated the SPOILERS based on my limited Japanese understanding and my poor memories!!!!!!


Kenshi Inagaki (Love Letter from Thief X)

Kenshi Inagaki~Love Letter from Thief X~Voltage Inc

Kenshi is a brotherly like friend.  He is a firefighter.  He takes care of MC in all the possible way.  His story is kind of difference from the others too.

Thief X LLTX-KenshiInagaki-Arms
LLTX-KenshiInagaki-FullMoon LLTX-KenshiIangaki-Save
LLTX-KenshiIanagaki-Heavy LLTX-KenshiIanagaki-HappyEnding


Once MC has chosen Kenshi, she is asked to move to Kenshi’s place, as it is bigger (his home is a traditional Japanese Restaurant where some of the chefs and waitresses live there too).  MC is sleeping a room next door to Kenshi.  As his mother is the owner of the traditional Japanese Restaurant, MC’s moving-in has caused certain rumors amoung the female waitresses.  As Boss of the Black Foxes has submitted the resignation to MC’s original job at the museum on behalf her as he indicates that the direction of going to that museum from Kenshi’s place is bad luck to her (I am kind of looking forward to the Boss’s story once hearing it), MC becomes the waitress at Kenshi’s place as Kenshi has promised her that they would get her back to her job once everything is finished and that MC doesn’t want to stay at his place for free.  While waiting as a waitress, MC has to due with the jealousy from other waitresses to her relationship with Kenshi.  MC has also helped out some Black Foxes’ missions.  Kenshi and MC become more friendly as time passes by, and everyone is saying that Kenshi is treating MC as a male friend.  They are truly pure friends until Kenshi notices MC is actually quite girly after the incident in the bathroom (MC faints as a result of staying too long inside the bathroom as Kenshi falls into sleep in the changing room for the washing machine).  Several times Kenshi wants to talk about their relationship, but MC’s childhood friend, Tatsuro (detective) always appears.  Their relationship moves forward when Kenshi’s mother collapses and gets to hospital.  MC goes to Kenshi’s room to comfort him, and she promises she would forget about that night so that Kenshi can cry and show his weakness.  They actually ends up having a night together.  MC gets up before Kenshi and leaves as she has promised.  She even hides from him and tries her best to pretend nothing happened during the Black Foxes’ meeting.  However, MC later is caught by the enemy, a guy called Sean Kim, who is a Hong Kong Mafia, after confessing to Kenshi that she wouldn’t do anything like that night to anyone she doesn’t love.  Of course, the Black Foxes come in to rescue her.  The final mission is get a nuclear blueprints invented by MC’s great-grandfather from the Military Department of Defense.  They successfully find the blueprint but is followed by Sean Kim.  Sean Kim asks them to hand over the blueprint with gun.  Fortunately, Tatsuro (MC’s friend) comes in on time and saves them.  He lets them go as MC is always his childhoom friend no matter what.  They then celebrate their success of the mission and fire the blueprint.  MC also gets back her job at meseum and moves back to her old apartment.  Kenshi and MC become not only a lovely couple but also keep their friendship with each other.

Hiro Sarashina (Love Letter from Thief X)

Hiro Sarashina (Love Letter from Thief X)

Hiro is a smart (with IQ180) playboy type of person.  He is so used to make females to fall in love for him.  He is also very good at disguises.  I actually don’t like his story that much as the change of their feeling for each other seems very sudden.

Thief X LLTX-HiroSarashina-Save
LLTX-HiroSarashina-Eye LLTX-HiroSarashina-Island
LLTX-HiroSarashina-Dry LLTX-HiroSarashina-HappyEnding


Hiro tricks MC into choosing him with his ability of disguises.  Hiro forces MC to stay with him as they still don’t treat her yet.  He also warns MC not to fall in love for him as he is very used to make females fall in love for him (also flirting naturally).  Hiro starts to mix up his feeling to MC as time passes.  Sometimes he knows that he is actually caring MC, but MC would take it as his usual flirting.  As MC is basically 24/7 together with Hiro, she gets to know his twin sister, and she also knows that Hiro’s way to females might be due to his parents (his parents would bring their lovers to see their children, and they would also compete with each other on the quality of their lovers while they have never filed a divorce).  With Hiro, MC gets to travel to Germany, Philippine, and Macao for missions.  For the mission to Philippine and Macao, the purpose is to find information on a Love Potion that is in the name of MC’s last name.  Hiro actually tells MC he loves her in an island near Philippine with their first kiss.  They confirm each others’ feeling before their mission to Macao.  In Macao, they finally find the creator of the Love Potion.  The creator (Carmen) is actually an old friend of MC’s great-grandfather.  She loves MC’s great-grandfather but he has already married at the time they know each other.  As she has taught him fortune-telling, she asked him to make her a love potion as she has fallen in love with someone.  He made her a receipe with a missing rose ingredient.  The creator has found the final ingredient a few years ago.  She originally gave the Love Potion to some girls who she believes that would need the Love Potion (she’s a fortune teller).  However, some Mafia in Macao has found its potential and uses it for money (MC’s great-grandfather also predicted that it would be used badly once it has been created).  As Carmen also wants it to be fixed, she tells Hiro that the last ingredient is only in an island near Philippine (the isalnd where Hiro first confesses his love to MC).  Hiro and the Black Foxes then put a fire in the rose garden in the island.  After the celebration of the mission success with the Black Foxes, Hiro takes MC on a helicoptor and give her a beautiful and expensive necklace.  As it is also kind of heavy, they are kind of having fun with the word “heavy”…like Hiro’s love to MC is too heavy for MC.

Takuto Hirukawa (Love Letter from Thief X)

Takuto Hirukawa~Love Letter from Thief X~Voltage Inc

Takuto is a typical IT person who is not good at expressing himself in speech.  He would cough whenever he is eating too fast (I like his coughing face).  He also has same taste in food with MC’s, just like in the prologue.  I feel touched at the last few chapters of the story.  He is also one of a few characters (from all otomes byVoltage Inc) that I get only a good ending in my initial play.

Thief X LLTX-TakutoHirukawa-Mission1
LLTX-TakutoHirukawa-Mission2 LLTX-TakutoHirukawa-Mission3
LLTX-TakutoHirukawa-Hold LLTX-TakutoHirukawa-HappyEnding


With Takuto, MC became kind of passive in the choices for the first 10+ chapters~to make Takuto to worry about MC (I got only 2 emails from my initial play while there were more emails when I replayed it).  As Takuto was responsible for hacking into security system, MC mostly stayed in the van with him instead of going out for the mission.  However, as there was an antagonist, Black Racoon (as named opposite of White Foxes), the van would be bombed in one of their missions.  The Black Foxes also went to New York for a mission to steal from a bank.  The peak of the story should be when MC was poisoned and locked in a freezing lab with Takuto and Racoon. 

The good ending would be all of them got saved by the Black Foxes, and MC’s fingerprint wasn’t needed at all.  They hadn’t met after that for a week until MC went to find Takuto as he was busy at catching up his work.  Takuto then took MC to the computer room in the basement and show her the dolphin paintings and said that the paintings might be the most treasureable thing he had left for her, but MC was the most treasureable thing her great-grandfather had left for him. 

For the Happy Ending, they were saved by the Black Foxes, and MC dreamed about her great-grandfather before waking up.  After MC had waken up, everyone left except Takuto.  Takuto noticed MC’s ring was broken as the safety deposit box in the bank in New York was open.  They then found an address in the ring.  One week afterward, Takuto and MC went to the address alone.  It was the place that appeared in MC’s dream and she was there with her great-grandfather when she was young.  They then find a cottage with lots of art in it.  Another Dolphins’ painting was on one of the walls, and Takuto noticed the difference and then found a secret lock which required MC’s fingerprint to open up.  They then found a beautiful painting of extinct dolphins and corals underwater (I should take a screenshot of it later on).  Takuto said that her great-grandfather had left something more valuable than memories, as they could be seen even after they were no longer exist.  Takuto was too shy to say “I love you”.  Although MC told him not to force himself to say it, he did mumble it when kissing MC.  MC insisted him to say it again as she did not hear it clearly.  Takuto didn’t say it again as he said that even if he didn’t say it that day, they had a lifetime together and he might say it again one day.