Satsuki Kitaoji (Seduced in the Sleepless City)

Satsuki Kitaoji~Seduced in the Sleepless City~Voltage Inc.

Satsuki is the perfect gentleman.  He is like a prince who knows very few of the life of normal people.  He is also smart as he can also foresee problems and avoid them.  He is also a lovely brother who has the ability and willingness to take care of everyone when needed.  While playing his route, the only thing I have in mind is what would be the weakness of this perect gentlman?

Satsuki Kitaoji~Escort Satsuki Kitaoji~Festival
Satsuki Kitaoji~Flower Satsuki Kitaoji~Kiss
Satsuki Kitaoji~Happy Ending


Kitaoji Brothers Special


As Satsuki is famous in the business world, MC gets into a scandal with him as Satsuki would dress MC up everytime when she is with him.  Satsuki invites MC to stay at his place as there are lots of reporters waiting for her outside her home.  Even though MC stays at her place for a while, she doesn’t use to the luxury lifestyle.  Satsuki settles the scandal efficiently.  After MC gets back to her own place, Satsuki moves to MC’s next door as to learn more about the life of normal people as to get information to make his casino hotel more appropriate to the normal Japanese people.  With Satsuki living next door, lots of interactions (ie. breakfast together, festival) between MC and Satsuki as MC’s roomate is also out of town for that time.  However, since Satsuki is actually the prince in the business world, the fact that the media would think that MC is not suitable to Satsuki as she is only a commoner still holds true.  MC starts to hide from Satsuki; however, eventually, Satsuki annouces his love to MC in the public.


Kitaoji Brothers Special
In this Spin-Off story, both Kitaoji brothers want you to be his own girlfriend.  MC gets an invitation for the 100th anniversary of the Kitaoji Enterprises at the Casino.  In chapter 1, MC is out to the nearby park with Yuzuki as Yuzuki also brings along Ralph (the dog).  They have a relax time together.  In chapter 2, MC stays in a VIP room privately with Satsuki for an interview, while Satsuki asks MC what he is to her.  Although it this private meeting is distrubed by Yuzuki, MC also has a beautiful dance with Satsuki later on.  After the dance, MC gets to choose between Yuzuki and Satsuki.  If MC chooses Satsuki, they will have a dinner along.  Satsuki seems to be a little forceful than the usual gentle Satsuki as he is so afraid that MC would be taken away by Yuzuki.  Satsuki prefers to be MC’s boyfriend instead of the CEO of an enterprise.  Satsuki takes MC in his room and MC indicates that she love all the different sides of Satsuki.

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