Saizo Kirigakure (Ninja Love)

Saizo Kirigakure ~ Ninja Love ~ NTT Solmare

Saizo seems to be a cold and mature guy.  He treats the MC as a naive little girl.  His dedicated himself to his ninja clan.  Once the MC gets to know him more, Saizo isn’t as cold as he seems to be, just like the way he cares the cats in the prologue.

CGs of Saizo:

Saizo~Sleep~Ninja LoveSaizo~Hug~Ninja LoveSaizo~Lip~Ninja LoveSaizo~Fight~Ninja LoveSaizo~Capture~Ninja LoveSaizo~Happy Ending~Ninja Love

Summary ~ SPOILER

Saizo treats the MC as a little naive girl in the beginning.  However, as the MC cares for others and works the best she can in her training, Saizo changes his thought about the MC.  As Saizo is more open and in love with the MC, the MC would find that Saizo’s coldness is due to his history with his parents.  As his mother died after giving birth to him, his father blamed Saizo for his mother’s death.  Saizo doesn’t have the love from both his parents.  The blame from his father also makes Saizo to believe that he shouldn’t have any happiness in life. 

Side Stories:

Female Ninja Training

During the trip to Iga (main story), Saizo provides ninja training to the MC.  He trains the MC to climb trees and to swim.  As the MC swims in her kimono, she is all wet and Saizo asks her to take off her kimono.  As the MC would be naked by taking off her kimono, she doesn’t take it off and sits near the fire with her wet kimono.  Saizo lets the MC sit on his lap as it is better than sitting on the ground.

Back to the main house during party, Saizo finds out the MC is sick and takes care of her in her room.  As they are in war, Saizo asks Sasuke if anything happened to him, he should take care of the MC for him.  When the MC wakes up in the mid-night, she asks Saizo to stay with her.  Saizo kisses and hugs the MC until she falls into sleep again.

On the Roadsto Happiness

The MC goes back to Saizo’s home clan with him.  Saizo is welcomed by all the women in his clan and the MC is jealous with seeing that many women around Saizo.  The MC and Saizo has a fight over it at night when Saizo making out with the MC.  Her jealousy is solved when Saizo explains to the MC that he has asked the girls in his clan as for opinion for the reward he should give to the MC as to walking all this way to his home clan with him.  He then chooses Goemon’s way of reward (Goemon is a womanizer).  Saizo invites the MC to his mother’s grave with him as promise, as the MC is the girl giving him all the love and happiness.  On the way back from his mother’s grave to the clan, Saizo makes out with the MC again as he indicates that no one would pass by that road.

Mission Adorable

Saizo gets a mission from the elderly to save a princess.  As the MC hears from Sasuke that the princess is very beautiful, she tries to follow Saizo.  Saizo finds her out on the way and asks the MC to go back.  However, on her way back, she meets the culprits who also captures the princess.  She is then also captured by the culprits

When the MC wakes up, she sees the beautiful princess and also Masashi (a very skillful ronin).  Saizo then comes into the rescue and Masashi leaves as he knows he can’t have a fight with Saizo while the MC is around (in the main story, the MC stops their fight while the temple is in fire). 

When back to home, Saizo gets to know the reason for the MC to follow him onto the mission is because of the beautiful princess.  Saizo points out that he wouldn’t be tempted by another woman as he is only tempted by her.  He then kisses and holds the MC for the night.

  Sweet Ceremony

Saizo still has mission to train young ninjas before the wedding ceremony.  As such, Saizo is always away and the MC feels kind of lonely.  Whenever Saizo comes back home for more clean clothes, he only kisses the MC on the forehead.  The MC suspects that Saizo might have become bored of her.

As their wedding is coming by, other ninjas also come to the clan for the ceremony, including Goemon.  Goemon stays with the MC as Saizo isn’t home.  Goemon indicates that Saizo isn’t easy to fall in love, so the MC should have more confidence in him and he wants her to be happy.  He suggests the MC goes visiting Saizo.  The MC doesn’t go (your choice) as it would disturb Saizo’s mission, that’s how a ninja’s wife should behave.

The next day when the MC goes out for picking up some wild vegetables, she meets Saizo’s training team.  Lots of women are also looking at the training.  The women says Saizo’s bride isn’t sexy without knowing the MC hears it.  Then, one of the young ninjas notices the MC and then Saizo blames her to come and asks her to go home coldly.  They have a bit of an argument as a result.

Back at home at night, the MC is crying in the room.  Saizo comes in and comforts her and explains his coldness in the afternoon is that he doesn’t want those young ninjas surrounded the MC as the MC is an idol for all the young ninjas for her to save the ninjas’ future.  He only kisses her forehead as he knows he wouldn’t be able to control himself if doing more.  He would rather stay with the MC instead of going to the training mission.  He also indicates that the MC is sexy enough as the MC is already popular and he doesn’t want other guys to come after the MC.  He then kisses and makes love with the MC.  He says he won’t allow the MC to sleep that night even the next day is their wedding day.

Mission Adorable 2

The MC is on a mission together with Saizo.  Again, the MC is made to dress into a boy.  After they pass one of the gates, it starts to rain and they have to run to a cave to hide.  On the way running to the cave, the MC falls down on the dirt.

After they are in the cave, Saizo builds up a fire and asks the MC to take off her clothes so that he can watch the clothes in the rain for her as they can spy (for their mission) with the dirty clothes on.  Without waiting for MC to answer, Saizo takes off her clothes leaving her in her underwear, and he asks her to stay near the fire to keep warm.

The MC starts to think she is a burden to Saizo and she shouldn’t follow him to a mission.  Saizo hugs her to keep her warm and indicates that it is good to be able to be with her.  He also indicates that it’s fun to strip a boy and then finds out it’s a girl.  Saizo kisses and hugs her tightly.

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