CGs Gallery

As I have decided to continue playing the lovely anime graphic visual novel/otome, I will post all the CGs and/or some of the screen captures. Anyways, it’s a mean for the CGs collection mainly~~

Up to now, the following is a list of collection which I have updated here:

10 Days with my Devil by Voltage Inc.

A Knight’s Devotion by Voltage Inc.

Be My Princess by Voltage Inc.

In Your Arms Tonight by Voltage Inc.

Konkatsu Love by NTT Solmare

Love Letter From Thief X by Voltage Inc.

My Forged Wedding by Voltage Inc.

My Sweet Bodyguard by Voltage Inc.

Ninja Love by NTT Solmare

Office Secrets by Voltage Inc.

Pirates in Love by Voltage Inc.

Seduced in the Sleepless City by Voltage Inc.


~08/12/20103~ Updated Satoru Kamagari (10 Days with my Devil) CGs only
~08/11/2013~News 2013/08/11
~06/27/2013~ News 06/27/2013
~05/22/2013~NEWS: (1) New English Otome~Office Secrets by Voltage Inc; (2) New Spin-Off in Be My Princess & Pirates in Love; (3) New Characters in My Sweet Bodyguard & A Knight’s Devotion
~04/28/2013~NEWS: Love Letter from Thief X ~ Side Story ~ Riki VS the Baby (Voltage) & Ninja Love ~ Side Story ~ Hanzo’s Interruption.  ADDED: Pirates in Love~Leonardo Main Story & In Your Arms Tonight~ Ginnosuke Oguri Main Story (CGs only)
~04/20/2013~In Your Arms Tonight~Another Story (Kippei & Kiyoto) & Koichi‘s Epilogue
~04/19/2013~LOTS of News~~
~02/04/2013~News~My Forged Wedding~Ren’s Sequel & Seduced in Sleepless City~Satsuki’s Epilogue & Ryoichi’s Special
~02/03/2013~News~Pirates in Love~Christopher’s Sequel & Valentine Kingdom & Be My Princess~Prince Will’s Sequel CGs Only
~01/28/2013~My Forged Wedding~Yamato’s Sequel & Seduced in the Sleepless City~Mirai’s Eqilogue & Kitaoji Brothers Special: Yuzuki & Satsuki
~01/22/2013~News~Love Letter from Thief X~Atsumu & In Your Arms Tonight~Epilogue of Kippei & Kiyoto & News~Be My Princess~Sequel of Wilfred and Keith Released
~01/21/2013~News~Seduced in the Sleepless City~Mirai Kageyama’s Epilogue & The Kitaoji Brothers Special
~01/20/2013~Pirates in Love~Eduardo’s Sequel (CGs Only), Love Letter from Thief X~Kenshi Inagaki & Hiro Sarashina & In Your Arms Tonight SPOILERS (Sequel)~Kippei & Genji
~01/17/2013~News~My Forged Wedding~Yamato’s Sequel
~01/16/2013~News~Pirates In Love~Eduardo Sequel & The Haunted Ship & Love Letter from Thief X~Takuto Hirukawa
~01/14/2013~Love Letter from Thief X~Riki Yanase
~01/07/2013~News~Love Letter from Thief X~Riki Yanase
~12/27/2012~My Forged Wedding~Kunihiko Aikawa
~12/26/2012~CGs Update: Chihaya’s Epilogue (Seduced in the Sleepless City) & Genji’s Epilogue (In Your Arms Tonight) & Russell, Eduardo, Christopher, Nathan Morgan (Pirates In Love) & Kataro, Munenori, Rennoshin (Ninja Love)
~12/20/2012~News~Love Letter From Thief X, Ninja Love & New Japanese Otome 復讐のキスをあなたに
~12/16/2012~Seduced in the Sleepless City~Noel Epilogue CG
~12/15/2012~In Your Arms Tonight~Koichi Natsukawa Main Story
~12/13/2012~News~Seduced in the Sleepless City Chihaya’s Eqilogue
~12/12/2012~In Your Arms Tonight~Kippei’s Eqilogue CG (taken from Japanese version)
~12/10/2012~News~My Forged Wedding Yuta & Kuni Epiloques & Be My Princess Jushua & Edward Main Stories
~12/07/2012~News~In Your Arms Tonight Koichi’s main story released
~12/04/2012~News~Be My Princesss English Version Released
~11/30/2012~Pirates In Love~Spin-Off Story~The Fairyland
~11/29/2012~News~Seduced in the Sleepless City Neol’s Eqilogue & In Your Arms Tonight~Genji Higashiyama
~11/28/2012~News~Pirates In Love New Spin-Off Stories & In Your Arms Tonight (Japanese)
~11/21/2012~News~My Forged Wedding New Spin Off & In Your Arms Tonight Genji Main Story & In Your Arms Tonight~Kippei Ebihara
~11/20/2012~News~Pirates In Love Russell’s Sequel Released
~11/19/2012~Pirates In Love Spin-Off Story~Aboard the Casino & Seduced in the Sleepless City~Ryoichi’s Epilogue
~11/16/2012~News~Seduced in the Sleepless City, Ninja Love (GREE) & Japanese Otome
~11/13/2012~In Your Arms Tonight~Shohei Aiba
~11/09/2012~News~My Forged Wedding, My Sweet Bodyguard (GREE) & In Your Arms Tonight (Japanese) & In Your Arms Tonight~Kiyoto’s Main Story
~11/08/2012~News~Pirates In Love New Spin-Off Stories & various others
~11/05/2012~News~In Your Arms Tonight English Version Released
~11/03/2012~Seduced in the Sleepless City~Satsuki’s Main Story & Yuzuki’s Eqilogue
~11/02/2012~News~Ninja Love (GREE version) Spin-Off Story 6
~11/01/2012~News~Seduced in the Sleepless City
~10/30/2012~News~Knight Love (愛を捧ぐ伝説の騎士) (Japanese)

11 responses to “CGs Gallery

    • Non-Gree one is a paid version, and Gree can be played for free. The story is also a bit different. As I have played only Prince Wilfred in both version, you can take a look at both. The CGs are also different.

  1. If its not too much Vicky-san, can I ask for the links for these japanese games? The raw ones, not the english. I played some of the english, now i want to play the jp version. And at the same time I would like to practice reading japanese text.

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