There are lots of updates in the past month.  I hope I didn’t miss any.

1. Released Spin-offs: Letter to Thief X, Seduced in the Sleepless City, Pirates In Love, My Forged Weding, Be My Prince, and My Sweet Bodyguard

2. Update CGs in Office Secrets

3. New Side Stories and Hanzo’s Main Story released in Ninja Love (paid version)

4.  Love Academy (Loyonplete Inc) – 2 free chapters each day~need to pay for CGs (except if you do screenshot while in the game)

5.  New Japanese Otome by Voltage Inc

  The story is mainly about MC moving back to her hometown after 10 years.  She meets a few of her childhood friends in town.  At the end of the prologue, it seems she gets to choose where (with whom) she would work with as her part-time job.

ChildhoodLoveJAP ChildhoodLoveJAP-2 ChildhoodLoveJAP-3 CLjap-C1 CLjap-C2 CLjap-C3 CLjap-C4

2012/12/04 News

2012/12/04 News

1. Be My Princess (English Version) Released~Voltage Inc


Finally released in English version with the same garphic as Japanese version!!  Currently, there are 4 characters released (Wilfred, Keith, Roberto & Glenn).  As stated in Voltage Inc’s FB page, this English version is same as the Japanese version, I have linked Wilfred to the Japanese version page that I played.


11/08/2012 News

11/08/2012 News

1. Pirates in Love ~New Spin-Off Stories: Aboard the Casino & The Fairyland (iOS)

PIL~Aborad the Casino

PIL~The Fairyland

Not yet Available in Android (well, I’m too busy these days to fall into love with them too~)

2. Shall We Date? Ninja Love GREE version available in Canada (Android)~(not too sure about other area)

3. Be My Princess GREE version – vacation stories with Joshua, Glenn & Edward (limited time only~till November 20, 2012)

Last Updated 11/29/2012

New Updates ~ 09/26/2012

1. Yamato Spin-Off (My Forged Wedding) has been released in Android~~~

2. Prince Roberto (Be My Princess GREE )

Travel Story


Although it is limited time only, I will see if it’s possible to play it with only the Love Pass provided each day by saving the 5 love passes on 9/27/2012 and uses them before 11am on 9/28/2012.  In theory, it should work (but well, it can’t be confirmed until someone has it tried out).  Last time I have no idea when they are going to release the trip with Prince Keith so I have no way to trying it out.  This time I will definitely try it as I am saving cruz for the last mission in Joshua’s story (I have over 100,000 RF).


BE My Princess (GREE )~Prince Wilfred

Wilfred in “Be My Princess (GREE )”

Prince Wilfred is kind and gentle in this GREE version. As the story is difference and longer than the paid version (non-GREE), it seems that I can see a different side of Prince Wilfred.

Price Wilfred’s CGs~I have been going to all the Sweet Routes and gotten a Secret Happy Ending.  I am not sure if there is another other CG from the normal routes and other endings though.  If there is, please let me know.  Plus, I didn’t completed his vacation, so I won’t have his CG from it.

Will~Garden Will~Beach    BMPGREEGroup1 BMPGREEGroup2


The story is kind of difference from the paid version (non-GREE).  As the MC is hired as a private designer by the royal family, she moves to the Philip Kingdom.  Except the role as being a private designer, Wilfred also requests her to act as her fake girlfriend for three months.  It turns out that his brother, Steven, gives up the throne in pursuing medicine with the support of Cecile, the fiance of the next king of Philip as agreed with both parents.  As Wilfred knows Steven and Cecile are actually in love, he wants the agreement about the marriage with Cecile be cancelled by having a girlfriend himself.  Through, once Wilfred is in love with the MC, he doesn’t want to trap the MC into the tradition and decipline like he has always been, so that she can continue to pursue her dream as a designer. As he starts to know his own and MC’s feeling for each other, Wilfred wants to change his mind.   However, at this time, the King finds out that their relationship is fake by finding their three months contracts.  The MC is asked to leave Philip immediately while Wilfred is on a business trip.  When Wilfred is back, he only can see the MC leaving.

After leaving Philip, the MC is helping out the designer house that she uses to work as the design house is having a reopening function.  While busy working, Claude, Prince Wilfred’s bulter, comes and invites the MC to meet with Prince Wilfred.  The boss and the colleagues of the design house are all very supportive.  Claude takes her to Lord Michel’s place and hands her the dress she originally makes for Cecile for her engagement announcement with Wilfred.  The MC meets Steven and Cecile again at the doorway.  They go into the party with Prince Wilfred starting to have his speech.  Prince Wilfred confesses how she has been changed by the MC and proposes to the MC in his speech.  They get the support with everyone in the party.

The MC continues to be the private designer of Philip Kingdom while being with Wilfred as his fiance.  Although she is tired by the preparation and her debut party, she is happily together with Wilfred.  As the debut party is set at the garden, it is ended early by the rain.  Wilfred takes the MC with him to his room and asks her to stay for the night.  The next wedding, Claude comes to the room to find Prince Wilfred early in the morning.  Although the MC is hiding under the sheets, by Claude’s expression, it seems he knows the MC’s present.  Claude’s purpose of coming in that early is to inform Prince Wilfred that everything is ready for him.  The MC is curious as to what Claude means, but then Wilfred takes her to the tierra’s room and vows to bring her happily forever.

Be My Princess (Japanese Version) Prince Will

As I really don’t like the graphic for the Be My Princess (English Version), I get the Japanese version of Will when it’s on sale.  The prologue is the same for both the English and Japanese version.

Summary of the Will’s Story (With my little understanding of Japanese):

After the dance with Will at the party, MC goes back to her apartment.  However, she finds her apartment is on fire.  Without any friend at the place as a new exchange student, she finds the paper given by the old man she has helped earlier.  She calls the old man…

MC is at Will’s castle next day in the morning.  It seems that the old man asks Philip Kingdom to take care of MC on his behalf.

While staying in Philip, MC is looked after by Claude, Prince Will’s Butler.  MC also helps taking care of the plants, especially the one in Will’s office.  Will and MC talk about the flowers sometimes during Will’s break at work.

Nobel Michel once again holds another another party.  Will invites MC to go with him.  MC then finds out that the old man she has helped is Nobel Michel, and it’s Nobel Michel’s request to Will to take care of her.

During the party, some other female guests talk behind the back about the MC as she is escorted by Prince Will.  Prince Will helps the MC out by asking those female guests to behave appropriately.

After the party, while the MC and Prince Will are together, some reporters take their pictures without permission.  On the next day, the rumour of Prince Will dating is out.  The King and Queen of Philip ask the MC and Prince Will for their relationship.  Prince Will answers that it’s all his fault to be careless.  The Queen then requests Prince Will to make the announcement with Cecile at the next party on the King’s birthday.

On the day of King’s birthday, MC meets Stephen and Cecile.  She gets to know Stephen is Will’s big brother and Cecile is his fiance.

After King’s birthday, Prince Will has to go to Nobel Michel as the future king and meets with other Princes (for training?).  He invites MC to go with him as to visit Nobel Michel.

One night, MC overhears the King and Queen.  She then knows that it is Stephen who has given up the throne as to pursude medicine.

While staying at Nobel Michel, MC helps out on cooking and her dishes are praised by all princes.  On a day off, Prince Will invites MC to go on a date with him.

On the date, Prince Will asks MC to turn off the mobile phone just like what he has done.  They takes the train and go to the MC’s old apartment first.  The apartment has already been rebuilt.  Prince Will indicates that it must be Nobel Michel’s help to have such a fast progress.  They then go to another place and Prince Will buys ice-cream and eat and chat with MC.  On the way back, they also take the train; however, as it’s rush hour, lots of people are in the train.  Prince Will holds on to MC as to protect the MC from the crowd.  Prince Will wants to stay longer together instead of going back.  Prince Will takes the MC to a hotel.  While Prince Will is taking a shower, MC turns on her phone and sees many messages from Claude.  Prince Will suddenly comes out from his shower and takes the phone away from the MC.  They stays there together for a night with only hand holding.

When they are back to the castle, they are blamed by both the Queen and Claude.  MC tells Prince Will she can leave if she is causing too much trouble.  Prince Will tells her that she cannot leave without his permission.

At another party hold by Nobel Michel, both the MC and Stephen are invited to go.  The Queen announces Prince Will and Cecile are engaged.  Afterward, Stephen invites MC to go out with him.  He then takes the MC to a restaurant and meets with Prince Will and Cecile.  The four of them have a dinner together.

Couple days later, Cecile invites MC to her place and they chat a lot about Stephen and Will when they are still child.  When MC is back to the castle, Will shouts at the MC as to where she has been and blames Claude for not knowing where she has been (or for blame Claude not telling him the MC has left the castle).  As Prince Will is making such a scene, even the Queen comes. The MC indicates that she will leave the castle immeidately.

Claude gives a ride to the MC and bring her to Nobel Michel.

After staying at Nobel Michel for a couple days, Nobel Michel tells the MC then Prince Will has come to find her and is waiting outside and wonder if the MC would like to meet him.  MC meets with Prince Will and finds that it is raining outside. Prince Will holds MC in the rain while couple of reporters are taking their photos.

Prince Will asks Nobel Michel to take care the MC for a couple days more as he will take care of things back in Philip.  Couples days later, MC watches on TV then the engagement between Prince Will and Cecile are officially cancelled.  Actually, it turns out that Claude is on Prince Will’s side as they have grown up together.  Prince Will also at the doorway waits for MC and makes a proposal to her.

The epilogue is actually a night together with Prince Will at Nobel Michel’s place.

Will’s CGs

Will ~ Opening Will ~ First Dance
Will ~ Kiss on Hand Will ~ Ice-Cream
Will ~ Kiss Will ~ In Rain
Will ~ Proposed Will ~ Good Morning ~ Another website I found with the English Version (CGs, Walkthroughs & Screenies).

Sequel’s CGs:

BMP-Wilfred-Sequel1 BMP-Wilfred-Sequel2
BMP-Wilfred-Sequel3 BMP-Wilfred-Sequel4