1. New English Otome Game from Voltage Inc ~ 10 Days with My Devil (updated also with Kakeru)

2. New Characters in My Forged Wedding ~ Kyoichi Kunishiro (Updated) and Haruka Utsunomiya

3. New Characters in In Your Arms Tonight ~ Soji Higashiyama

4. New Characters in Office Secrets ~ Koji Nagumo and Shingo Kai

5. New Spin-Offs in Love Letters from Thief X ~ Takuto vs the Hypnotist, Tatsuro vs the Retriever, Thief Training, and What If… Takuto

6. New Spin-Offs in Pirates in Love ~ Boys of the Ball and Pirates, and Bodyguards

7. New Spin-Offs in My Sweet Bodyguards ~ Subura & Mizuki (Rome), and Blind Date

8. New Spin-Offs in Seduced in the Sleepless City ~ Ryoichi vs Takuto, and Festival Night with Satsuki-Wasshoi

9. New Update in Ninja Love ~ Hanzo

10. New Otome by NTT Solmare ~ Destiny Ninja (free version) ~ (no update unless the paid version released)

11. Updated: Takamasa Saeki (My Forged Wedding), Takao Maruyama (My Forged Wedding), Yamato Kougami (My Forged Wedding)

12. New Japanese Otome by Voltage Inc ~ Escape: Choice of Love

MC was an employee in bank and was accused as thief. She was being locked up for the case as it seemed that no one believed her.  At this time, someone came to unlock her and it would be…

Male characters: her supervisor (the guy holding her hand in the picture), a loyal customer (brown hair in the relationship chart), and a policeman (the other guy with dark blue hair in the relationship chart)

Jap-Escape-Love Choice


Kyoichi Kunishiro (My Forged Wedding)

Kyoichi Kunishiro~My Forged Wedding~Voltage Inc

Kyoichi is another childhood friend of the group of guys.  He is just back from aboard.  He is very smart but bad at direction (well, I don’t find his bad at direction has any significant in the story).  He seems to be a bit cool from the outside and is actually a very warm and caring person.

MFW - Kyoichi Kunishiro


MFW - Kyoichi Kunishiro - 1 MFW - Kyoichi Kunishiro - 2
MFW - Kyoichi Kunishiro - 3 MFW - Kyoichi Kunishiro - 4
MFW - Kyoichi Kunishiro - 5 MFW - Kyoichi Kunishiro - 6

Last Updated: 08/11/2013


There are lots of updates in the past month.  I hope I didn’t miss any.

1. Released Spin-offs: Letter to Thief X, Seduced in the Sleepless City, Pirates In Love, My Forged Weding, Be My Prince, and My Sweet Bodyguard

2. Update CGs in Office Secrets

3. New Side Stories and Hanzo’s Main Story released in Ninja Love (paid version)

4.  Love Academy (Loyonplete Inc) – 2 free chapters each day~need to pay for CGs (except if you do screenshot while in the game)

5.  New Japanese Otome by Voltage Inc

  The story is mainly about MC moving back to her hometown after 10 years.  She meets a few of her childhood friends in town.  At the end of the prologue, it seems she gets to choose where (with whom) she would work with as her part-time job.

ChildhoodLoveJAP ChildhoodLoveJAP-2 ChildhoodLoveJAP-3 CLjap-C1 CLjap-C2 CLjap-C3 CLjap-C4

Voltage Inc New Interface

Finally tried out the new interface of the new games designed by Voltage Inc (ie Knight Denovation & Office Secrets).  Well, I should say, there are both pros and cons in the old and new interfaces. 

In the old interface, it’s clear that how many CGs there would be so that you know if you have missed any.  It also runs more smooth in my Note. 

For the new interface, you can actually reread any chapters once you have completed the chapters.  Morever, you can read both the Happy and Normal ending once you have completed the story with a Happy Ending (I am not sure if the other way around works, guess not).  To save the CGs, all you need to do is to “Proceed the Story” with the character of your choice, and then choose the chapter with the CG, then there would be an option to “View image”.  An icon to “Save” would be on the left top corner.  The CGs should then be saved in your phone’s “Gallery/camera”.

For Office Secrets, it seems that there are only 2 CGs from each Main Story (but with lots of emails~~), as I have completed only Toranosuke’s main story (will update his page later on with CGs).

Leonardo (Pirates In Love)

Leonardo~Pirates in Love by Voltage Inc.


Leonardo is a captain in the Navy who is very passionate about putting pirates down.  He also has a very soft side when it comes to his cat, Myumyu.  By chance MC meets him in a bar whee lots of pirates are fighting after MC has just become a crew in Sirius for a short time.  The main attraction in this story is their opposite positions as a navy and as a pirate.


PIL-Leonardo-FirstSight PIL-Leonardo-Care


Summary (SPOILER)

After getting on the Sirius, although Captain Morgan asks MC to choose with whom she would choose to stay with, she can’t as she just meets everyone.  At last, she is staying with Captain Morgan.  Everyone is very nice to MC as they don’t always have a beautiful lady (?) with them that often.  At a port in a bar, all the pirates start fighting because of a very small incident.  Captain Leonardo comes to stop them and finds MC is hiding under the table (Doc actually instructs her to do so).  Leonardo thinks MC is either kidnapped or bought by the pirates and saves her back to his room in his ship, but then MC tells him the fact that she is actually a crew on Sirius.  She sees a soft side of Leonardo when Leonardo is with his car Myumyu.  Sirius and Rika come to save MC, and it seems that Leonardo is purposely letting her go.  Sirius and Rika are very worried about MC as Leonardo has a name as “Merciless Leonardo” among pirates.  After MC has been saved from the Navy, they go to an island called Nolane Island (lots of cats) for repair.  By chance, MC meets Leonardo who is on vacation on the island when she gets lost in the forest alone.  Leonardo indicates he won’t do anything since he’s on vacation.  He also directs MC how to get back to Sirius.  Next morning because of Myumyu, Leonardo appears in front of everyone.  They first has a few argument but then when Leonardo decides to leave, a group of navy suddenly appears.  The group of navy catches everyone including Leonardo.   The leader of the group of Navy is called Rear Admiral Donatello, who is in a more superior position than Leonardo in the Navy actually indicates his suspicion) of him connecting with the pirates (of course, it turns out that it is Donatello leaking out information of the navy to priates as to  usethe war between navy and pirates as to get himself into a higher position).  After being taken back to the Navy’s headquarter, Donatello announces that they will be hanged in the public tomorrow.  He also tries to make MC to be a witness that Leonardo is connecting with the pirates.  MC rejects it and Donatello is going to whip her but is stopped by Leonardo.  It then turns out that Leonardo is demoted to be the lowest rank in the navy and be responsible for the prison.  He unlocks the door of the cells for all of them and tells them where their weapons stored.  However, on their way escaping, MC is caught by Donatello.  Everyone tries to save her but Leonardo stops them by trying to save MC himself.  Captain Morgan decides to leave MC to Leonardo and everyone escapes except MC.  Although they are put into prison, Leonardo is released by some of the “good” navy and he tries to escape with MC.  While escaping, they find his cat with some documents that are the evidence of Donatello betraying Navy by leaking out information of the Navy (it is an incident couple years ago that Leonardo’s friend was the one being blamed for the leak and died in the war).    The Rika and Sirius then find both of them, and as a return of favour, Captain Morgan helps Leonardo on his plan to uncover Donatello’s fault.  After Donatello is caught by the Navy, Leonardo is back to his position while MC is also back to be a crew on the Sirius.  They are in contact with each other by mail with the permission of Captain Morgan.  Thus, they miss each other.  Sirius gets them a chance to meet and then later Captain Morgan agrees to take MC to Nolane Island monthly so that they would meet there regularly.  In one of their dates on the Nolane Island, Leonardo vows his eternal love to MC in an abandoned church with many cats, including Myumyu as the witnesses.

Last update: 04/28/2013